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Monday, March 7th, 2005


Time:9:34 pm.



Hello new livejournal name.

Add it and i will add you back.

or i will just add you because i know you would add me in the first place.

i dont know.

too many livejournals for one girl.

but i figure since my life has changed for the better, i should get rid of the bad-vibe livejournal and replace it with a good one.




dont make fun of the background, i havent done ANYTHING to this journal yet.


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Time:8:41 pm.
Mood: like i want to see my cuteface.
i am on a diet.
not by choice.
but i guess its good since i seem to be a huge ass.
being hypoglycemic will be the end of me.
but its either that or i am "depressed"
i really dont think either is possible.
but they said it has to be one of them.
i fucking hate this shit.

but hey, i get to lay around in my underwear with my boyfriend tomorrow while watching the grudge so everything is ok by me.

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Time:9:15 am.
I would like to go through one day without getting into an argument with someone.
thank you.

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Time:7:47 am.
I am tired and uncomfortible.
and i want to see my boyfriend.
taco didnt go to school today.
so i am sad.
god i am so tired.
i have 2 1/2 hours until i leave for the doctors.
how exciting.
I really do miss my boyfriend a lot for some reason.
i get to see him tomorrow.
love love love.
we are going to his house and watching the grudge.
which is pretty exciting.
what day is it tomorrow?
oh yeah, fucking...the 8th.
i cant wait until saturday, either.
christ i am so tired.

I would just like to say that i am madly in love with all of taiki's friends. every single one of them. they are probably cooler than anyone else in this world. besides amber, taco and i. and i would also like to say that (even though you all dont consider yourself a real band) Parka was probably the sweetest thing i have ever seen at a show. you guys played everything out perfectly. sorry my pictures were horrible, i am just a ball sack and i dont know how to take pictures. and everyone else i saw who played at the show saturday night, good job, you guys are pretty awesome. sorry i had to be a dumb slut and leave early. drama sucks herpes-infested black dick.

i think i will try to get my mom to let me stay home today.
pray for me.
jesus motherfucking christ i am fucking tired as fuck.

Sunday, March 6th, 2005

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Time:7:27 pm.
I love my boyfriend.
just to let you all know.
if you have a problem with us,
if you think that we fell in love too early.
eat our shit.
suck on our ball sacks.
we dont care what you think.
we are beautiful.
we are amazing.
you all just WISH you could be as fucking cute as us.
so shut the fuck up.
we love each other and theres nothing you can do about it.

That wasnt directed toward you manda.
so dont worry.
i love you, taco.

theres something about milk and mini muffins that makes me feel at home.

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Time:1:53 pm.
fucking cry about it, bitch.
she didnt do it to be accepted.
stop striving for attention.
its not flattering.

Friday, March 4th, 2005

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Time:7:39 am.
Mood:like a nigger in the suburbs.
So i dont have to go to first hour.
which means i could have slept in.
but i fucking didnt.
because i am a nigger.
and niggers dont do that.
i am really excited for this weekend.

fuck yeah shows.

i fucking do the <3 thing too much
i am going to kill myself tonight.

Thursday, March 3rd, 2005

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Subject:and i said, that boy is handsome. and part of me wanted to be beautiful.
Time:9:51 pm.
Mood: niggers...everywhere.
Yeah, this whole "i dont know where i am going with my photography" mind set is really starting to get to me really bad. and then this whole " hey i am really ugly so maybe i should get plastic surgery" thing is starting to piss me off. i dont know why i feel so ugly when i have a boyfriend and friends telling me the exact opposite. i hope you all know i dont see myself like this by choice, i really do try to see myself like you do, and i am really sorry i cant seem to do it, i am retarded like that i guess.

Handsome, just to let you know i love you to death and i am really sorry i havent been the best girlfriend in the world the past few days. i want you to know you really do make me feel a lot better, so dont think me being all sad has anything to do with you. it doesnt at all i promise. I love you.

i am feeling very pessimistic tonight, very pessimistic.

you all need to just slap me around a little bit
until i come to my senses.

i am in the oddest, shittiest mood ever.

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Time:6:26 pm.
Mood: i couldnt tell you.

bang bang, that awful sound.Collapse )

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

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Time:8:43 pm.
Chciałbym powiedzieć ów ja miłość mój Chłopak i Przyjaciele bardzo. ty faceci zrobić mi uśmiechać się.

i steal things from people too much.

Just to let you know Leda, my self portraits werent meant to look like i was copying off of you, i wouldnt do that ever. but really, i do look up to your art work. it is amazing. anyway, dont worry i wont be doing self portraits anymore. Just in case you thought i was trying to cramp your style, i didnt mean to make it look that way.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

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Time:7:57 pm.
I'll iron your clothes
I'll shine your shoes
I'll make your bed
And cook your food
I'll never cheat
I'll be the best girl you'll ever meet
I'll scrub your floor
Never be a bore
I'll tuck you in
I do not snore
I'd wear your black eyes
Bake you apple pies
I don't ask why
And i try not to cry
I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
And its nearly midnight

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Time:7:36 pm.




Yeah i wasnt done yet.Collapse )


Time:6:53 am.
Its cool how we are like the only district open right now.

Monday, February 28th, 2005

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Time:9:33 pm.
my ass fucking hurts like hell.
but my new icon makes it all ok again.
Taiki, i hope you wont kill me for this.
but i need to go to sleep.
i am exhausted.
i will call you tomorrow.
i might not have school.
hopefully you dont either.

leave me a cute message?
im really sorry we didnt get to talk tonight.

i have been having a lot more heart flutters lately.
they are starting to worry me.
because i cant breathe when that shit goes on.

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Time:8:31 pm.
Mood: blehblehBLAH.

seems artificial, like a TV set.Collapse )


Time:2:34 pm.
i have got the worst headache.
and i have to go to the mall today.

Saturday, February 26th, 2005

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Time:9:33 am.
Mood: disappointed.
Hey kadie and cassie.
i expected more from you.
thanks for showing me who you really are.
dont talk to me anymore.

Me and Louie got fucking WASTED last night.
fucking wasted.

Friday, February 25th, 2005

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Time:3:44 pm.
i drew what i think is probably the best picture ever in fourth hour today.
when people live in warren and have body acne, it makes me laugh.

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

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Time:9:48 pm.
kayasaurus YEAH: wtf brooke
O is for SHUT UP: lol its funny when you say it outloud
kayasaurus YEAH: its funny when i have sex with you every night
O is for SHUT UP: i know it
O is for SHUT UP: i love it though

kayasaurus YEAH: hey write FUCK in caps.
AlullabyforTaiki: FUCK

kayasaurus YEAH: SHIT
kayasaurus YEAH: hey mrs. im never online.
kayasaurus YEAH: AMBER
perdypinkpokadot: HEY
kayasaurus YEAH: HEY!
perdypinkpokadot: my computer is being SOOOOOOOOOO slow to start up
perdypinkpokadot: yeah!

kayasaurus YEAH: what?
kayasaurus YEAH: ....
perdypinkpokadot: yea
kayasaurus YEAH: amber wtf
perdypinkpokadot: wtf to you
kayasaurus YEAH: why do you hate me
perdypinkpokadot: i dont
perdypinkpokadot: i LOOOOOOOOOVE you :-D
kayasaurus YEAH: i love YOU!
perdypinkpokadot: no I love YOu
kayasaurus YEAH: i love you, snigglersnoodle.
perdypinkpokadot: is that my new name
kayasaurus YEAH: yeah
perdypinkpokadot: sniggersnoodle
perdypinkpokadot: lol
kayasaurus YEAH: i just made it up
kayasaurus YEAH: its awesome
kayasaurus YEAH: i know

kayasaurus YEAH: muthah
perdypinkpokadot: fuggga
kayasaurus YEAH: we need to hang out with birch
kayasaurus YEAH: i miss her
perdypinkpokadot: fuck yeah
kayasaurus YEAH: she IMed me
perdypinkpokadot: aww
kayasaurus YEAH: i know
kayasaurus YEAH: did i fucking tell you what i got upnorth?
perdypinkpokadot: No
perdypinkpokadot: HOLY
perdypinkpokadot: did i tell you what my mom got me?
kayasaurus YEAH: no
perdypinkpokadot: a fucking mini budah man
kayasaurus YEAH: JESUS
perdypinkpokadot: yeah
kayasaurus YEAH: did you rub his belly?
perdypinkpokadot: hells yeah i did

perdypinkpokadot: SICK thanks man
perdypinkpokadot: :-D:-D:-D
kayasaurus YEAH: oh my god
kayasaurus YEAH: OK TAIKI

perdypinkpokadot: brb man seriously
kayasaurus YEAH: k, seriously

i love online conversations.


Time:7:55 pm.
Mood: mmm..
lately carrots have been my food of choice.

I have to read 5 stories and do all the questions for them by monday.
i think i will do most tonight.
i am just in that sort of mood.

homework and carrots.
a change for the better?
or just one of those days.
hopefully the first.

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